“Tell my daughters I love them”

Are you sure Lord? Yes? Well ok, here we go.

I’m just a 22 year old woman working on being totally Souled Out for Christ. This walk with God is harder than I expected. On my journey to building a deeper, stronger, and true relationship with God, I found that there was no one I could truly connect to and look to for help. All of the “Instagram Ministries” were giving advice from the standpoint of “I went through this 4 years ago and now I’m out of that issue and YAY God is just awesome and He solved all my problems for me and now I have a wonderful life and this walk is SO NOT HARD and YAY!”

So here we are.

I strive to be different and transparent. I strive to tell you what’s up while I’m in it, not 6 years later. I strive to help you to know that you are NOT in this walk alone. Not only do you have Christ, but you have someone (me) who gets it. Gets how it feels when you think God forgot about you. Gets how it feels when you cry late at night about the one prayer you desperately need answered. Gets how you feel like your is faith smaller than a mustard seed and what the DEVIL is God going to do with that. Gets how it feels when people tell you WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it.

I get it.

My name is Alexia Davis and I am the Founder of Hold Up Your Crown. Let’s go and learn how God loves us…together.